Canadian Cancer Trials Group Publications - Information for Participating Centres

Welcome to the Canadian Cancer Trials Group website designed to provide information about study results to participating centres.

As information about published study results becomes known, it will be available by searching through the utility below by protocol number, disease site or drug name. Both Canadian Cancer Trials Group and Intergroup led trials for which there has been at least one publication are included. If you do not find a particular study in the list below, this is likely because the final results are not yet available since many of our studies follow the health of participants for several years. Please refer to the study protocol, informed consent document or for further information about when the final study results are likely expected.

Please share this information with all investigators at your institution. Please also share this information with the study participants at your centre so they may be informed of these results. Please ensure all local policies regarding dissemination of clinical trial results to staff and patients are followed. We are indebted to trial participants, physicians and other health care professionals who have contributed to the successful completion of hundreds of Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials.