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This report displays current 2023 Annual Spring Meeting of Participants Invitees.

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Dr. Tara Baetz
Dr. Amaris Balitsky
Dr. Lynda G. Balneaves
Dr. Philippe Bedard
Dr. Scott Berry
Ms. Christine Bertrim
Ms Lynne Bezanson
Dr. Phillip Blanchette
Dr. Haji Ibrahim Chalchal
Dr. Bingshu E. Chen
Dr. Eric (Xueyu) Chen
Dr. Matthew Cheung
Dr. Brita Danielson
Mr. Conor Dellar
Dr. Christine Desbiens
Mr. Jeffrey Doi
Ms. Nancy Dusharm
Dr. Pamela J. Goodwin
Dr. Rachel Goodwin
Ms. Carol D. Gordon
Ms. Barbara Graham
Dr. Ali Hosni Abdalaty
Dr. Sebastien Hotte
Sahira Husain
Dr. Mariam Jafri
Dr. Paul Karanicolas
Dr. John Kuruvilla
Mr. Roger Leung
Dr. Douglas Andrew Loblaw
Dr. Rosemary Martino
Dr. Warren Mason
Dr. Michael McKenzie
Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson
Dr. Ralph Meyer
Dr. Lee Mozessohn
Dr. Lucia Nappi
Dr. Chris O'Callaghan
Dr. Robert Olson
Dr. Trevor Pugh
Dr. Eileen Rakovitch
Dr. Albiruni R A Razak
Dr. Anthony J. Reiman
Dr. Harriet Richardson
Dr. Arjun Sahgal
Dr. Lois Shepherd
Dr. Lillian Siu
Dr. Osama Souied
Dr. Jonathan Spicer
Ms. Heather Stanton
Dr. Valerie Theberge
Dr. Ming-Sound Tsao
Dr. Dongsheng Tu
Ms. Alison Urton
Ms. Kate Whelan
Dr. Timothy J. Whelan
Ms. Carolyn Wilson
Dr. Eric W. Winquist

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