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MA29 Details
Status: Closed 
Activation Date: 2007MAR12
Closing Date: 2010MAR15
Phase: II 

Description: A Feasibility Study of Pre-Operative Sunitinib (SU11248) With Multiple Pharmacodynamic Endpoints in Patients with T1c-T3 Operable Carcinoma of the Breast. 

Eligibility: Women with newly diagnosed, histopathologically confirmed, T1c, T2 or T3 unifocal, operable, carcinoma of the breast (prior to surgery). 

Objective: PRIMARY: To assess the feasibility of administering oral sunitinib pre-operatively, to patients with newly diagnosed, histopathologically confirmed T1c, T2 or T3 unifocal, operable carcinoma of the breast. SECONDARY: - toxicity - tumour response (RECIST) - pharmacodynamic endpoints [treatment-induced changes (1) in the levels of tumour and plasma-soluble markers of angiogenesis, (2) in the protein/RNA levels of host and tumour-specific genes involved in response and toxicity to sunitinib, (3) on vascular parameters (DCE-MRI), (4) on cell death and tumour microcirculation (spectroscopic and microbubble contrast-enhanced ultrasound) and (5) on tumour metabolic activity (18-FDG-PET)] - tumour banking (optional) 

Participation: Limited to invited centres 

Lay Description: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of sunitinib when given to women with locally-advanced, operable breast cancer, prior to surgery. This study is being done because researchers are trying to get a better understanding of exactly how sunitinib works and how it affects the formation of blood vessels on breast tumours. 

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