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MA32 Details
Status: Closed 
Activation Date: 2010JUN25
Closing Date: 2013JAN22
Phase: III 

Description: A Phase III Randomized Trial of Metformin versus Placebo on Recurrence and Survival in Early Stage Breast Cancer 

Eligibility: Breast cancer T1C-3, NO-3, M0 

Objective: Invasive disease free survival. Overall survival; distant disease-free survival; breast cancer free interval; invasive disease free survival in hormone receptor (ER and PgR) negative sub group; changes in body mass index; adverse events; other medical endpoints including a new diagnosis of diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular hospitalization or death (stroke, mycardial infarction); health related quality of life; correlative science outcomes; metabolic parameters and hospitalizations. 

Participation: Open to member centres 

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Disease Site Trial Code Patients Accrued Patients - Blocks Patients - Slides Patients - Blocks and/or Slides
BREAST MA32 3649 2946 2566 3098
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Disease Site Trial Code Patients Accrued TMA Blocks Patients on TMA Blocks
BREAST MA32 3649 41 2609
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Disease Site Trial Code Patients Accrued Patients - Whole Blood Patients - Cellular Component of Blood Patients - DNA extracted from Blood Patients - RNA extracted from Blood Patients - Plasma Patients - Serum Patients - Urine Patients - Buccal
BREAST MA32 3649 3397 0 12 0 3604 3397 0 0